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People consume information differently today than they did a decade ago. Or even a year ago. The sheer volume of information available anytime, anywhere and from any device means you’re not only vying for attention but also competing in ways you never had to before.

Succeeding in this new digital era requires different capabilities and new ways of going about the business of communicating. It's about becoming comfortable with discomfort, to a degree, because status quo no longer exists. It's about continually learning, adapting and understanding that digital transformation isn't about technology, it's about people. Which inevitably involves conflict, as not everyone is as comfortable with change as those who thrive on it. Change is messy, and messy isn't everyone's cup of tea.

I'll be honest--it isn't really mine either. Even though I've spent the past 15 (or 20) years learning to accept--if not embrace--uncertainty, I'd have much preferred to be like my dad who had the same job for 55 years. For better or for worse, my brain probably isn't the same-job-for-55-years model--I have ADHD which shapes the ways I think, work and live. I mention this not just to be awkward or as a sympathy play, but because I know that my different brain is what allows me to see the world and approach challenges differently. Which, it just so happens, turns out to be an asset when it comes to understanding and implementing digital communication tactics and navigating the challenges along the way.

So while my brain and work style may be different than "typical," they are what enable me to continually learn and evolve, and to help my clients meet the challenges of an ever-evolving digital world.

If you're looking for out-of-the-box thinking and fresh approaches to traditional tactics, I'd love to chat. And even if you're just curious about how neurodiverse people are uniquely suited to digital and creative roles, I'd be happy to chat and share some resources to help augment your organization's existing DEI initiatives.

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Maggie McGary

Maggie started her career in communications before the internet was even a thing, then became an accidental, self-taught techie along the way.

Maggie has more than 20 years of marketing and communications experience across both the association and for-profit sectors. She’s led digital communications at several prominent associations, including the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and the American Psychological Association. She’s also consulted with brands in various industries including entertainment, finance, cybersecurity, technology and education.

Maggie has been actively involved in advancing the understanding and adoption of community management as a discipline since 2009, specializing in association communities. She’s been a member of the Community Roundtable, helped create a private community management certification program, and worked with dozens of organizations to launch and manage new communities, craft community strategy, develop trainings for staff, volunteers and members, and provide consulting on best practices for growing vibrant online communities.

Widely recognized as a technology leader and innovator in the association space, Maggie was named to Association TRENDS’ 2016 “Tech 10” list, and recognized by the Angerosa Research Foundation as “Publishing Trendsetter,” an award recognizing innovation that advances association publishing.

Maggie is the author of two blogs, Mizz Information and Chic n' Geek. Her posts have been featured in The Washington Post, Association Trends, Associations Now, Signature Magazine and Social Media Today.

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