Our Work

Branding & Website Design

Created the logo, branding and responsive website for Team Learn Strong, a study skills coaching website.

Skills: Canva, WordPress, Web Design, Branding, Graphic Design


Blog redesign

Chic n’ Geek is a personal blog I started in 2014 and, in 2020, decided I wanted to just “refresh” the look of. What started as what was meant to be a quick new logo design ended up becoming a total rebrand, site redesign and, along the way, my entree into design, branding and WordPress design. 

Skills: Canva, WordPress, Web Design, Branding, Graphic Design

Custom "Shop" Website functionality

I wanted to be able to add a “shop my favorites”-type functionality to my WordPress blog. Using a custom plugin, I added the ability to add a filterable “shop my favorites” page to promote affiliate links and other products. The plugin can also be used as “shop the post” widget and in multiple other ways including a filterable document library or to sell digital downloads or other products.

Skills: WordPress, Affiliate Marketing, Product Marketing

WordPress Website

This was one of the first websites I created for colleague and friend Cecilia Sepp’s association consultancy Rogue Tulips. She has since built out a podcast, educational offerings and more.

Skills: WordPress, Web Design

Logo and Business Card Design

When it comes to the branding for your own design and branding business, it needs to look perfect–right? I debated about outsourcing this to a “real” designer, but I had a strong idea of the look and feel I wanted for McGary Digital but it was one of those “I’ll know it when I see it” things. So I spent a few months looking at a billion logos and websites and designing about a billion more until one day I knew I finally had what I wanted. Then repeated the same process with business card templates until this discerning client was finally happy.

Skills: Canva, Branding, Graphic Design

Custom Notecards

While design is more of a passion than a profession for me at this time, I continue to work on honing my design skills, especially when it comes to custom paper products. We also partner with professional graphic designers for whom design is more than a work in progress, of course ; )

Skills: Canva, Graphic Design

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